Dramatis Personae

World of Warcraft has a vast array of characters, both major and blink-and-miss-’em; characters with obvious importance, others who are nobodies, and still more where you have to dig a little to see what they’ve been up to.

PC: A player character, one directly controlled by a subscriber to World of Warcraft.
NPC: A non-player character, part of the game itself.
OC: An original character, not actually present in the game at all; created for backstory or to flesh out roleplay.


Alkara: Female draenei priest (PC, Ross).
Second-in-command and founding member of the special combat unit Lion’s Heart, Alkara eased into service to the Alliance during the Outland campaign, where she ministered to the draenei in Outland and saw action in combat at the battle for the Black Temple, where her proficiency with a spear and light armor proved most useful. Alkara recruited Gennie to Lion’s Heart during Operation: Shieldwall.

Belmond: Male human mage (PC, Ross).
A veteran spellslinger from the First and Second Wars, and a member of the Alliance Expedition in 9Y. After surviving the horrors of Outland until contact was reestablished in 27Y, he immediately retired, using his sizable back pay to purchase rich farmland. He occasionally offers advice to Alliance troops, including members of Lion’s Heart, but maintains that he is “retired, damnit.”

Bolvar Fordragon: Male human (NPC).
A highlord of the Alliance and a national hero, Bolvar perished in Northrend in early 29Y after treachery from the Forsaken. The previous year, he had recommended to the newly-restored High King Varian that Loefwine, one of his commanders, be given an independent commission. Agreeing, King Varian commissioned the special combat unit Lion’s Heart, placing Loefwine in command.

Bronzebooze: Male dwarven monk (PC, Ross).
An artillery officer (and champion bar-brawler) who gained the nickname “Captain Booze” in Northrend after improvising explosives from alcohol. He retired in 32Y, but aided Lion’s Heart in Pandaria after going there to research brewing techniques.

Carmen the Explorer: Female human rogue (PC, Ross).
Little is known about who she is or where she’s from (or even where in Azeroth she is right now), save that her highest priority is “collecting.” However, since late 32Y, she has been slipping information about the Horde’s activities to Lion’s Heart for free, prompting some to suspect she is originally from the destroyed Theramore.

Craulnober: Male night elven rogue (PC, Matthew).
Disowned by his family for reasons none of them will talk about, Craulnober moved to Stormwind in 28Y to set up shop. He sells his services to the highest bidder as a jewelcrafter and enchanter, as well as occasional mercenary. He is rumored to be creating a powerbase for himself in the criminal underworld, now that the Defias Brotherhood has been losing influence in Stormwinder lands.

Exiled Knight: Male human death knight (PC, Ross).
Founding member of the special combat unit Lion’s Heart, the Exiled Knight refuses to give his original name or talk about his life before undeath, although it is understood that he used to be a knight of Lordaeron.

Finnegon Reilly: Male worgen druid (PC, Matthew).
One of the worgen who helped defend Mount Hyjal, and joined Lion’s Heart at the same time as Lyrelle and Wadsworth (and responsible for introducing those two to each other). He had no idea he had family in Stormwinder lands until his cousin Maene joined the group soon after.

Gennie Swiggleswitch: Female gnome monk (PC, Ross).
A civilian quartermaster during Operation: Shieldwall who took training from pandaren monks on the side. Alkara brought her into Lion’s Heart and further developed her training.

Idath: Male draenei priest (PC, Matthew).
Once a representative of the Prophet Velen to Stormwind, he now travels to where he feels he is most needed — healing the innocent, and smiting those who harm them.

Loefwine Bailey: Male human paladin (PC, Ross).
Son of an Elwynn knight and a displaced Stromgarde noblewoman, he is the commander and a founding member of the special combat unit Lion’s Heart. He was given his special commission as an independent commander in 28Y, on the recommendation of Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, after distinguishing himself in the assault on the Black Temple.

Lyrelle Frostleaf: Female night elven druid (PC, Ross).
Barely of age when the Horde invaded Ashenvale in 30Y, Lyrelle  distinguished herself in defense of the elven lands and was sent to aid in the defense of Mount Hyjal. After Hyjal was secured, she accepted an invitation to join Lion’s Heart. She is currently being courted by Wadsworth, whom she met in Darnassus following the Gilnean exile, and fought beside in Ashenvale.

Maene Reilly: Female human hunter (PC, Matthew).
The only child of a hero of the Second War, she enlisted in the Stormwinder forces in late 30Y at the age of sixteen. She distinguished herself almost immediately and was given special training and tough assignments that often required solo missions. After noticing she was mentioned in dispatches by a hard-to-please commander, Loefwine recruited her into Lion’s Heart in time for the final attack against Deathwing.

Nadath: Female draenei death knight (PC, Matthew).
Young even for a draenei, Nadath enlisted in the Alliance military without permission from her only surviving relative, her brother Idath. Now she remembers little of her life before death — only that she is cursed by any measure of her upbringing, and hopes that Idath never finds out what truly happened to her.

Mjothvitnir: Male dwarven shaman (PC, Matthew).
A brash, belligerent, and thoroughly disagreeable fellow who rather enjoys slaying undead and demons, when he’s not getting drunk or challenging elementals to arm-wrestling contests. Lion’s Heart occasionally uses him, but only if he’s supposed to wreck everything in his path.

Vindalf: Male dwarven monk (PC, Matthew).
A proud Dark Iron, but one who believes in dwarven unification, Vindalf seeks to prove himself a loyal son of Ironforge. He learned pandaren fighting styles after Liu of the Bottomless Tankard defeated him one-handed, while drinking dwarven ale with his other fist, in a brawl in Ironforge. Loefwine might officially recruit him if Vindalf would just stop looking for trouble.

Wadsworth Silverbrook: Male worgen hunter (PC, Ross).
A volunteer rifleman in Gilneas during the Forsaken attack who survived to be evacuated to Darnassus. He aided the night elves in Ashenvale, and was recruited into Lion’s Heart in 31Y, distinguishing himself in the defenses of Ashenvale and Mount Hyjal. He is a skilled playwright in his spare time, and has recently began courting the night elf Lyrelle.

Warfang: Male worgen warrior (PC, Ross).
General “Warfang” Tulos is the definition of a grizzled veteran, having already been a general in the original Alliance of Lordaeron and then reinstated after Gilneas rejoined. He commanded part of the Alliance invasion force in the Barrens in 33Y.

Wu Chao: Male pandaren mage (PC, Matthew).
A cheerful companion even on his worst day, Wu Chao is a master of alchemy, ice, and pandaren cuisine. More of an honorary member of Lion’s Heart than anything else, as he’s quite valuable but has a tendency to forget orders he doesn’t find fun.


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